Saturday, July 19, 2008

It's Just A Flesh Wound

Apologies for the lack of blog posts lately. I’ve had a new version of tunnel vision and it’s had an unintentional consequence of slower than slow blog entries.



Before Friday, July 11 I’d never had surgery before. Heck, I’d only had three stitches ever in my life. But hernia surgery is different. I’ve definitely had more stitches. Many which I can’t see.

Here’s the skinny. Just below my belly button Dr. Cook made a small semi-circular incision. Maybe inches in length. Through this small opening he reset my insides which we’re exposed through the small defect in my abdominal muscles. He then inserted a small mesh patch and stitched it to the muscles.

The idea is that the scar tissue that results from the stitches will secure the mesh in place which will, in turn, secure my insides where they belong.

Overall, the surgery appears to be a success. I lost three days to the drugs and pain. I’ve been very, very tired. My belly button is now an innie again. The bruising on my stomach was incredible and is now slowly receding, as is the pain.

I’m glad I had the surgery. I think in the short and long term it will improve my quality of life (which overall is pretty darn good anyway). But it currently is limiting my physical activity – specifically soccer and bike riding. I’ll be playing in my first rec soccer matches in decades this fall, but I’m stuck on the sidelines until I have a greater range of motion. The new bike is in the basement for weeks, if not months. Ah well. Those are the breaks.

Regardless, I feel good enough to blog about it. I’m off the habit-forming drugs provided. I’m icing my wound regularly. My insides itch. Fun times.



Mary Anne Emch said...

Love the Monty Python reference! (We just shared that movie with David and we've been having quite the fun time around here bantering back and forth with clever Holy Grail quips.) I'm so glad you're recovering well. I've been checking to see when you would post about it. Hang tough and pace yourself, so I don't have to fart in your general direction.

Anonymous said...

I miss reading your blogs! :(