Thursday, November 27, 2008

Time For Thanks

The list, in no particular order:

Freedom: so much of our liberties have been under attack both as a consequence of our enemies and as a consequence of our own government. Enough. I like my freedom and I like yours too.

Portland: I love this city so much.

Family: I don't see or talk to them enough but I value each and every one of them.

The future: My hope and optimism is as high as it's been in decades.

Heather: What can I say about her. One of the greatest souls I've ever encountered. She lights me up.

Taste buds: I love good flavors so much.

Imagination: this one cognitive tool keeps me going sometimes.

Friends: keep me on my toes.

Timbers: one love.

Blazers: another love.



Lucas said...

Cheers, Bruce. Hope your day is full of love and peace (and maybe see you tonight for drinks and pie!).

cora d said...

Awww...esome! A great post. Not just the comments about Heather. I think I might make a shirt out of -- I love my freedom and I love yours too. Big hugs, buddy.

heathre said...

thanks boo :) wish i could be there for your thanksgiving feast!

GK said...

I know where you live..and I can see what you are doing right now. Put that down, you don't know where that's been. Seriously...

Nanimal said...

hey... I love your freedom too... and of course I do love to hear Heathy is appreciated. :)
also I am thankful I got to meet you this year!