Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Bend Update

Melissa is a trooper. As of this writing Flynn is on deck but not yet up to bat. We expect that we're within three hours of his arrival as Mel has been given her epidural and they are considering inducing just to get it moving. She's been up since forever this morning.

Uneventful drive over Mt. Hood thanks to my rented GMC Yukon. The budding enviro in me is sick to his stomach, but it handles the roads much better than my Santa Fe (why'd I buy 2-wheel drive? Remind me to change the blog title to "He's a moron.")

My folks are here. Miles is with his Bend grandparents and Nathaniel is with us. Now I just have to meet the new little guy, snap some photos, pick up David's shoes and try to make it back to town in time for work in the AM. Oh, and get some sleep.

I think my adrenaline rush is dropping off. I wonder how Melissa (and the rest of the mothers in the world) do it. Thanks for reading.

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