Sunday, October 26, 2008

Politics and The Media

I've been delving into polls and blogs and news sites leading up to the election. Today I found an interview with Joe Biden with Barbara West on WFTV channel in Florida conducted on October 23rd. It's been getting a bit of buzz on the interwebs. She's conducted interviews with Obama, Biden and McCain previously. Check these out and let me know what you think of her questions and the responses to them.

Oct. 23 Joe Biden interview

Sept. 12 Barack Obama interview

Sept. 26 Joe Biden interview

Oct. 14 John McCain interview

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Rachel said...

I was watching these interviews last night and thought about how frustrating it would be to have her as an interviewer. All the interviewees obviously have answers prepared for any possible question anyone could throw at them, but they still can't get through to Barbara West. She asks interesting questions, but none can be answered gently or with any level of patience. I would like her better if she were just seeking information, not intentionally causing a ruckus, which is what she seems to be doing.