Wednesday, March 5, 2008

And In The Blue Corner In Polka–Dot Old Navy Boxers Weighing In At 210 Pounds…

So I got on the scales today.

I made weight. 210 pounds.

I will admit to getting a bit emotional. Not teary-eyed emotional, but lump in the throat emotional. Reaching this goal was not easy, but it also wasn’t as difficult as I expected. But I am proud of myself. I got there 3 and a half weeks earlier than scheduled. Yay for me!

Now 210 pounds is still pretty big. In the Olympics it’s considered Super Heavyweight weight class in boxing. It’s the Heavyweight class in pro boxing.

Here are a few things that also weigh 210 pounds:

  • A motor for a Lotus Elise

  • A 26-foot Anaconda

  • A Typical 3-foot Pirate's Cannon

  • A 10-month old St. Bernard

I'm in good company. Especially the cannon. Cool.

So now it's on to sub-200 by my birthday, May 8. And a final goal of 180 by end of summer. Wish me luck.



Anonymous said...

Okay, wishing you luck!

Word to the wise: Some gals like a little meat on their men so don't go overboard with the slimming down. Don't go disappearing or anything.

There's nothing wrong with heavyweights :) I love to watch boxing.

Bruce said...

Thanks for the well wishes. I don't think I'm in jeopardy of disappearing anytime soon. No worries.