Monday, March 17, 2008

I'm So Tweaked

So it finally happened. I hurt myself working out.

Not horribly. But I tweaked something in my back lifting weights yesterday. It's sore. It's tight. It's being a nuisance. I'm taking recommended doses of advil, drinking lots of water and trying to stretch it.

But I'm not too happy about it.



Anonymous said...

Arnica rub (cream or gel) works wonders. Particularly if you can talk some cute chick into rubbing it on for you.


Bruce said...

Sounds like a good idea. Especially the cute chick part. How cute is CilleyGirl?

E. Alley said...

Arnica was my suggestion as well.

Bruce said...

I'm still hopped up on advil and am using up the last of my icy/hot cream. Where in the city of PDX does one find this Arnica rub? New Seasons? GNC?

Anonymous said...

CilleyGirl is getting cuter as she loses weight. 20 lbs so far, more to go (20th high school reunion is this summer). The girls aren't getting any smaller, though, and I'm not betting they ever really will. I could make a killing at Hooters if I were ever so inclined. Provided I didn't fall over first.

Sorry I didn't see this sooner, work's been busy so no time to kill by reading blogs :) Try Freddy's organics/naturals section for Arnica rub. New Seasons and those of its ilk would have it as well.

Cilley Girl said...

Almost forgot to sign off on my previous post. C'est moi, the CilleyGirl.