Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Portland Men On Sports

Well, It's about three weeks after we taped the show but we've got air dates for Portland Men On Sports.

The show will air on channel 21 on Comcast.
  • March 4 10:00pm
  • March 5 10:21pm
  • March 6 6:00pm
  • March 8 12:00pm
  • March 9 7:11pm
  • March 10 3:44pm
  • March 11 10:00am
  • March 11 8:00pm
  • March 13 6:00pm
  • March 14 10:00pm
We're still working on a regular schedule for the upcoming shows, but now that we have some time slots those should reach the air quicker. At least we hope they will.

Feel free to tune in and leave a comment here with your observations, critiques and applause.



Rachel said...

The show probably won't get down to Eugene, will it? That's too bad. I'm a huge fan of cable access in Portland, but no one here in Eugene is very creative with the programming. It's very disappointing.

Lucas said...

Dude wha happa? I just got home from the Blazers game (10:10 PM) and it's rasslin on the TV. Where mah Bruce at!?!?

Dave said...

Any chance you'll put it on YouTube?

Bruce said...

Maybe we'll youtube a clip here and there but the show itself is too long to make it viable on youtube.

Lucas said...

So did it air or what?

Bruce said...

I was poorly informed about the availability. Apparently it's only available on the westside cable. We produce out of Beaverton.

I will look into the youtube option or another online hosting option.

Scott said...

wow. I just caught your show...does this mean that I actually KNOW a real television personality? Let's just hope you don't go the way of Marv Albert. I guess I'll be needing your autograph or something I can sell on ebay.

steeplechase3k said...

Another episode is on now! No sign of Oi in front of the camera...

steeplechase3k said...

Uhhh, that should say "Obi" not "oi"

Anonymous said...

You should put this on youtube. Oh, and can I make a suggestion? I saw you practical joke one and I think you should consult the Internet for ideas. If you want to, of course.