Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Diet, The Kilt and The Wardrobe

My recent diet has taken its first real victims.

Both of my kilts no longer fit me.

Now, my kilts weren't very expensive, nor great works of tailored magic. But I still enjoyed wearing them as kilts are extremely comfortable. They also are great conversation pieces.

When I get down to a more permanent size I will certainly replace one or both of them. Maybe add a higher quality one in the family tartan. Who knows. But it's going to be difficult to replace my Timbers Army one. Custom tartan, that one. Not sure when another run of those will ever be done.

So, it looks like I'll be wearing traditional trousers to my company holiday party this evening. Oh well.


Stephanie said...

I hear the Great Kilt is very adjustable.

Bruce said...

Is that like the Great Pumpkin?

After a quick use of the Google: Very authentic. But if I think my loose kilt is dangerous at a work party, I can only imagine how that thing would fare.

I feel like a McScot rather than a Scot now. :(

Stephanie said...

The Great Kilt certainly lives up to its name. I read that they actually used it for a tent -- it's that big. So probably, on the minus-side, not very slimming.

Bruce said...

I can only imagine the variety of trouble if it got wet.

The Great Heavy Stinky Tent Kilt.

Whitney said...

Bruce..... I know this great seamstress.... who might be able to adjust your "great" kilts. :D

Bruce said...

Whit - I'll bring them in for a looksee but I'm pretty sure you'll just end up shaking your head and crying.

ericberg said...

I finally picked up my Timbers Army kilt yesterday and I'm proud to report you're not the only one who's been dropping pounds. It's about three, four inches too big.

Please let me know how the tailoring goes.

BTW, any belt buckles left?