Wednesday, December 5, 2007

You Bought What?

I was having a conversation with my friend Scott at work. We were talking about music. What we love. What we dislike. How we have never been able to get into the Velvet Underground nor Zappa. What we concluded was that as we've gotten older our musical tastes have softened. We're both not nearly as adamant that the Clash is the only band that matters nor are we as concerned about The Who's place in rock history now that they are on every car commercial known to mankind.

So, I got to thinking. I've got a lot of CDs. Although I have one box that went AWOL in my move in July and I am missing a lot of good stuff. But I digress. I've got a good cross section of classic rock, punk, some disco, 80's progressive, alternative, grunge, soft rock, classical, jazz, etc. And I've got some stuff that seems so out of place. This is what I want to know. What is the single most embarrassing CD that you own? Do you ever listen to it?

For me, it's probably Barry Manilow's Greatest Hits. I haven't listened to it in a long time but I have a modest respect for the Bear-Cat. He's actually quite an accomplished songwriter. He's humble, funny and he has very little ego. I'd enjoy having him over for dinner. 'Mandy' is gold. Fact. If anyone has a copy of Soul Asylum doing their version of 'Mandy' I will pay money for it.

So, what's the worst CD in your collection?


Whitney said...

LOL- this is super funny. But my most embarrassing CD is a tie between Ace of Base and Aqua. :)

Rachel said...

My worst is definitely "The Wiggles". There was this kid I babysat every week that couldn't sleep unless someone sang him "Captain Feathersword fell asleep on his Pirate Ship" so I had to get the CD. I'm still embarrassed whenever someone sees it in my collection.