Saturday, December 1, 2007

Maps and Legends, Weights and Measures

I got on the scale today.

How's that for the start of an entry? This is actually a good thing. I hate the scale. I've never trusted it as a great way to measure fitness and health. I was in the best shape of my life when I weighed 190 even though the charts said I should be at 170. But I know that when you've put on as much weight as I have over the last 8-10 years that it's not all muscle mass. Still, today I actually was feeling thinnish and I thought to myself that it was probably time to do some gathering of data.

When I last got on the scale, in the first week of July if my memory is any good, I was tipping it at a not-particularly-healthy 248. Most people are surprised when I tell them the actual numbers. I take that as a kindness, but even I know that I resemble a Weeble more than a G.I. Joe.

At Thanksgiving many of my family said they thought I'd lost weight. I chalked it up to a nicely pressed shirt that was actually tucked in for a change. Turns out they were right.

Today the scale read 237.

That's 11 pounds that I've dropped in five months. Not earth shattering, but as it's not the result of much exercise and is more a product of some moderate changes in my diet it provides me some optimism.

My very good friend Kip's wedding is the first weekend in April. I am honored to stand with him as best man. It's time to put this body through some real improvements. Gotta look good for the pics and who knows, I may end up deciding to take a date.

So here's the goal. 210 pounds by April 1, 2008. That's 27 pounds to lose in four months. So, roughly 7 pounds a month. Less than 2 pounds a week. This is possible even if it is lofty.

So here's the master plan. I've got very few master plans so this is actually another good thing:


I've been a roll out of bed, clean up, hit the streets kind of guy for as long as I can remember. I hardly ever eat breakfast. This has to change. So, it's off to the cereal aisle when I next visit my one stop shopping center. Maybe some oatmeal from time to time just for variety. I'm a 1% milk guy anyway so that should be easy.


I am right now drinking my last sugary, bubbly soda for four months. Including diet soda. I happen to be fond of water but I almost always reach for soda instead. Time to buckle down.


I don't eat many desserts. I never eat the donuts and pastries that try to serve as some sort of office thank you at work. I've stopped eating ice cream as part of a low lactose project. But I have a sweet tooth something awful from time to time. It normally manifests itself as Red Vines, Twizzlers or the ever evil Jelly Belly. I love Jelly Bellies. I am confident that I will still love Jelly Bellies when I am allowed to taste them again in April.

Drive Thrus.

I am done with fast food. Finis. I've been cutting down on it anyway but I need to do better.


When I lived alone it was very easy to make too much food and to then eat too much food. Living with a housemate has helped. From now on, I only cook enough for a single meal per person.


I actually eat a lot of the good stuff; Vegetables. Lean chicken. Fish. But I also eat far too much bad stuff; Pasta. Empty Bread. Ceaser dressing. Red meat. White rice. Potatoes. I have far too much starch in my diet. A few changes, with an emphasis on a higher proportion of vegetables is in order.


There is an Indian restaurant two minutes from my office. They make fantastically savory food. I love the place. But it is far too easy to eat too much and too much of the bad stuff of their lunch buffet. I will not eat there again until April 7 and then only if I have met my weight goal. The Chinese place and Italian place are also off limits, if only so I don't get accused of discrimination.


I'm not a huge fan of exercise for exercise's sake. I'd prefer something where you keep score. But this is a vital component of the plan and I need to make myself move more and break a good sweat when I do it. This part of the plan is still a work in progress. Maybe some night walks in the 'hood. Certainly some weight work. But I really don't want to join a gym. Running leads to heart attacks, I'm certain.

So. Some big changes to make me small. Or smaller. Still big. 210 is still 20-40 pounds more than I should weigh. But this is about moving in the right direction, not being perfect.

Wish me luck.


GK said...

Most impressive, indeed dude!!

Whitney said...

Boy do I feel your pain! :) If you want a buddy to stay responsible too- I will totally commit with you- we see each other everyday. :)

Bruce said...

Whitney - we can tag team this together.

I'm off to a good start. Ate a modest bowl of healthy start cereal this AM with 1% milk. Morning cups of coffee as usual. I Just finished veggie chili over brown rice for lunch. Washed down with pure, crisp, cool H2O.

Lucas said...

I can't believe you called pasta bad.

Bruce said...

Neither can I. It was a moment of weakness.