Thursday, December 6, 2007

The Scales of Justice

I really don't want this blog to just become a chronicle of weight loss and literature. I do have some things to say about matters of the day.

But, this weight loss thing is on my mind a lot, one of about four things that dominate the thoughts currently. So, this morning, I again mustered the courage to get on the scale. Now for those of you in internet-land who haven't ever fought the battle of the excess pound, the intimidation of a scale probably doesn't move you. Perhaps you might compare it to having blood drawn or getting an injection. Momentary fear that is gone quickly. But the fear of the scale persists. It grabs a hold of you. It mocks you. It even punishes you. It's one of those things that never leaves you even as the pounds do. Irrational fear. Like most fears.

For the longest time I didn't even own a scale. Ignorance is bliss. I didn't want to know. But it became necessary when my doctor and I started working on a plan towards better health. That was 15 months ago. I used it a few times and then it went neatly under the bathroom sink. Didn't touch it until I moved this past summer.

So it's been in my new bathroom under the sink. Staring at me every time I replace the tissue or get a new razor (I do shave from time to time) or a new bar of Safeguard. It's a light shade of green (I always call this Martha Stewart green) and matches the bathroom decor nicely. It belongs here. But, dammit. It's just a household appliance. It has no power over me. I am the great and powerful Oz.

So, this morning the scale and I had a little chat. I told it what was expected of it, what my job was in relation to it and how we could achieve mutual cooperation and understanding.

I think she got the message.

232 pounds.

Somehow, I've trimmed an additional four pounds in three days.

However, my system is not loving this. It's in sugar deprivation. I'm getting plenty of food and nutrition, but I got a bit of the shakes yesterday afternoon. A quick bite of salad and a very mini pack of SweeTarts later and I was back in business.

Still, this is a hopeful start to my ultimate goal. I know the first two weeks aren't indicative of the overall path of progress. This will slow down. But it still gives me a bit of the happies. And I sure welcome that these days.



Anonymous said...

Nicely done, Bruce. Good luck with this endeavor. You wouldn't know it by looking at the somewhat aerodynamic form that you see today, but about ten years ago I lost close to 50 pounds over six months. So it can be done! As you're currently showing.


Bruce said...

Wow! Who knew? It gives me hope. Of course I am now obsessing about food like I never have in my life. Ever.

Steph said...

Bruce --I waited for the batteries in my fancy scales to slowly die (I would check on them, now and again, from the corner of my eye as I appeared to be engaged in other business, like showering, etc.) Finally, last week, they bit it. Gone. I ceremonially flipped the scales over on their stomach, and a more formal service is planned for sometime next week. The scales ask that in lieu of flowers, donations be sent to the Jenny Craig office nearest you.

Bruce said...

Steph - Thanks for visiting. As always, you make me laugh.

I will gently break the news to my scale tomorrow morning about the demise of yours. This will be a good bonding moment for us. Build some trust. I hope I don't cry.

Mom! said...

way to go!