Sunday, April 6, 2008

I'm So Pretty

Best man.

It’s a title that is more than ceremonial. Traditionally the best man conjures up the bachelor party, offers any and all assistance to the bride’s family leading up to the wedding day, helps keep the groom from losing his mind, etc. He also toasts the bride and groom.

I did these things recently, culminating with the actual wedding and reception last night.

Now to say that this was a fun event and outstanding party is an understatement. Kip and Jen put together a perfect party with the emphasis on the party and celebration rather than the drama that a wedding can produce.

It’s always fun to take people you know in one context, dress them up real pretty, and put them in front of an audience. Things are bound to happen.

I won’t tell most of the stories like how I forgot that bringing the microphone was my responsibility or Peter and Jeane and the inflatable whale, but I’ll show a few of the pics that have surfaced.

But I want to talk about the toast. I did this once before for my brother’s wedding. It was a good little speech and toast. Last night, I did it again.

I’ve been sweating the details of this speech for the last few weeks. I had a general idea of what I wanted to say but was struggling to give it structure and struggling to create the right kind of relevance and relation to Kip and Jen’s life together.

So I never wrote the speech. I winged it.

Well, I’m going to pat myself on the back a bit, because that’s what a lot of other people have been doing since I delivered the words. I hit it perfectly last night. I really did. And I’m a bit surprised myself.

But, as I examine all of the things I’ve been doing lately that put myself out there; This blog, the TV show, my podcast, the upcoming video projects, etc. it’s becoming clear to me that I’ve conquered a portion of my modest stagefright as well as created a comfortable cadence with public speaking.

So good for me.

The wedding is supposed to be about the couple and not about anyone else. I try to remember that as I participate in these types of events. But, that being the case, the toast is the part where the attention is focused on the best man. You might as well do a good job with it.



Anonymous said...

For our wedding, Kari and I decided to say our own words to each other during the ceremony. I was very anxious and nervous about the whole thing. It's weird... put me behind a microphone where people can hear me but not see me and I have no anxiety at all (done that for yeeeeeaaars), but put me in front of a crowd in a public setting, especially when I'm talking about personal feelings and whatnot, and I was kind of tweaking out about it. And like you, I pretty much did the same thing... I had outlined/drafted a few ideas in my head beforehand of what I wanted to say, and then the night before the wedding I scrapped everything I had thought about saying, and literally just winged it on the fly during the ceremony. And also like you, it all came off well and I didn't make an ass of myself (which is rare).


Devlyn said...

We were just about to head for the bus when we saw you with the mic and decided to stay for the speeches, and I'm sure glad we did. Your speech was fantastic, b, one of the best I've ever heard at a wedding. Kip did a damned good thing when he asked you to be his best man.

Lucas said...

Definitely a good Best Man's toast, Bruce. It fit right in with what was pretty much a perfect night. What a fantastic wedding and party.

I can also say that Trask & Kari's wedding vows (see comment # 1) were the most genuine and touching things I can imagine seeing during a wedding ceremony. I will confess to getting something in my eye during Trask's speech.

GK said...

And leave it to me to be late to the party. Your speech was one of many amazing things on my wedding night, and I can't begin to thank you enough for being there for me and Jen. Be good!!


(and sorry that I'm behind on blog reading).