Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Soup or Salad?

So in my ever expanding quest to improve my social life and social scorecard I've got a new experiment.

I'm looking for new restaurants. I'm not reviewing them. I'm not critiquing them. I'm just looking to try something new every two or three weeks.

I've lived in Portland most of my life. I've gotten very set in my ways which has advantages and disadvantages. But it does create a bit of a rut. There are probably thousands of restaurants that I've never set food inside. I want to change that.

So, I'd love some suggestions of good restaurants. Any area of town and any ethnicity. But it's good food I'm looking for. I'm less concerned with linen napkins or impressive decor.


PS - I'll also be looking for people to try the places out with, so if you're interested, drop me an email or post a comment.


CilleyGirl said...

Sambi Sushi is a great place to try over in Beaverton. They are in a little strip mall close to Jesuit HS, where Pizza Schmizza is. They have a special rainbow roll where they sear the salmon on top with a blow torch. Any place that sets food on fire is worth going to. And their prices are fantastic.

Lucas said...

I know what you mean about the rut. There are a few restaurants Audrey and I go to a lot, that we love, but get a little boring after a while (La Buca, e.g. - just wish there were more cheapish/niceish places like that in town, where you can sit down comfortably and have a good meal w/wine without shelling out a c-note).

I was surprised by how much I enjoyed Belgian Embassy. Very small restaurant in an old house, right at the bottom of N. Mississippi; friendly staff, delicious food and beers (if you like the Belgian stuff - I never thought much about them but the ones we tried were all excellent). And obviously the pommes frites are bizzomb.

Some old favorites are Geno's, Ya Hala and Alexis. We recently enjoyed a dinner at Country Cat (SE Stark & 78th ish), and may go all schmancy like with a night at Higgins soon. Ooh la la, and whatnot.

Ray J. said...

Lin's China Jade over on Cedar Hills Blvd is a wonderful place for Asian cuisine. I tend to gravitate to ethnic restaurants that actually have ethnic patrons, adds to the environment in my opinion. Lin's portions are quite sizeable but they're always accomodating in providing containers to take home the remnants.

Whitney said...

I already sent these to Bruce, but everyone should check these places out:
- I recommend the scones or the Salmon Hash
- I recommend pretty much anything on the menu- their salads are awesome!
They have a FUSILLI POLLO ROSSO that is to DIE for.

These all have very upscale Portlandesque atmosphere, with a great twist on your traditional cuisines.

Kari said...

Good food or "good-for-you" food?

My favorite restaurant in Portland is Bombay Cricket Club (on SE Belmont)... but it's so delicious that I always eat way more than any human being should. Heed their warnings on the spice levels, and have a mangorita with your meal.


Roberto said...

The Screen Door on 24th and E. Burnside is worth a try. They have good southern cooking with a NW flair. Plus it is in my hood and you can come over and drink my beer afterward. I haven't been there for breakfast but there is always a line out the door.

I'm also very found of Wild Abandon on 25th and Belmont. Great place to go if you are on a date and they have a two-for-one deal in the Chinook Book.