Monday, April 21, 2008

There Will Be Blood


People need ‘em and I’ve got ‘em. In spades.

I donated two units of platelets yesterday. I’m going back for seconds in two weeks. I almost have enough to do three units. How cool is that?

Overall it’s not that different from giving a whole blood donation. Except you're wrapped up in blankets and fleece and you have to pump up your calcium before and during the procedure. Plus, it takes twice as long.

A few tips if you want to give:

Wear a vest. It helps keep you warm but gives them good access to your arm. I prefer fleece vests because, well, they’re fleece. Fleecy goodness is the best.

Bring your Netflix list. You’ll be seated for 1-2 hours in a comfy vinyl chaise. You have a personal TV with headphones and can watch from their fairly extensive collection of films or bring your own. I watched a Reader’s Digest version of “O Brother, Where Art Thou?” as I’m a pretty good bleeder. But I wasn’t prepared enough to find a movie I hadn’t seen before with any sort of efficiency. I felt like I was at the video store with three people – the worst number of people to decide on a movie rental BTW.

Anyway, 7:15am Sunday May 4 I do it all over again. Want to join me?



Lori said...

Bruce, I've been thinking about donating platelets. I have a good friend who does so monthly, and her pro-social behavior makes me feel like a flake. Where does one go to get more information? Where do you open your veins?

Bruce said...

Lori,,1082,0_19_,00.html should be able to give you more information. Your local Red Cross can make an appointment for you. It's a really easy procedure with just a single small needle in one of your arms.