Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sensors Working Overtime

So my car is healthy again.

I had a faulty sensor (Jenn you were right!) that made it appear than my cam-shaft was locking up. So my car went into self preservation mode and wouldn't start.

The sensor repair was under warranty. Thank you Hyundai. So was the tow. Thank you Ray, although you took your own sweet time showing up.

But, once the car was at the mechanic, I needed to have my 30K service done and they advised that my front tires (which I did not rotate regularly enough) were dangerously bald. Sort of like me.

So I spent a lot of money yesterday. But the upside is that my Santa Fe (she still needs a nickname BTW) is purring perfectly like a cat. She almost drove herself home.



Anonymous said...

ummm no picture? I think I'm in shock!

Bruce said...

The perils of a quick post from work. No pics.

CilleyGirl said...

Told ya!! :)

I vote for "Goldy" for your 'Fe.

Alice P said...

You've always been good at cat names. If she's purring like one, maybe she should be named like one. --Aunt Alice

Alice P said...

And if she has extra-sensory perception she might be sending you psychic messages of what her name is but you just haven't picked them up yet. Tune in to your tuned up car and she'll tell you -- at least you know she's a girl. --Aunt Alice