Thursday, January 17, 2008

By The Numbers

For those on Bruce health watch (Hi Mom!):

My blood work came back normal in all regards. Blood cell counts are great, overall cholesterol is very good.

Two areas of not major concern: LDL cholesterol is right at the edge of normal. But HDL and triglycerides are great so it's not major.

Blood sugar. 109 is considered the high normal. I'm at 110. Probably not a huge deal with continued weight loss and healthy diet, but probably something that we'll revisit before my annual.

Other than that, I feel great. Life is good.



Mary Anne said...

Congrats on a great report! (Your blood sugar should come down with weight loss and that cursed word "exercise"--it really wasn't high anyway, just close to out of range for a normal fasting blood sugar). I read back on all your "weight" posts and am most impressed. I really like your comment from back in Dec(?) that "this is about progress, not perfection." That would make a great bumper sticker applicable to many things! I'm so proud of you, "favorite cousin, Bruce", and you look marvelous in your new specs, short hair and thinner face! Love your sense of humor in all it's "Bruce-ness." Thanks for doing a blog.

Bruce said...

YAY! Mary Anne! Mary Anne! Mary Anne!

Thanks for the input and the kudos. Always appreciated.

I hope you and Scott and the kids are well.