Wednesday, January 23, 2008

It Puts The Lotion In The Bucket

I need some lotion. Good lotion. Lotion for a guy.

I’m finding that my skin (especially my expansive forehead) is getting very, very dry during these winter months. I really hate lotion but I really need some. Currently I’m using Vaseline Intensive care with aloe. It comes in a light green bottle. It doesn’t smell too bad and does a decent job.

But I’d like something even more neutral in its odor. I’m not much of one for scents. Might’ve been at some point in the past, but they really aren’t for me in 2008. I’d also like to avoid ones that are too greasy. The Vaseline is OK, but I still can feel that I’m wearing lotion and almost always feel the urge to wipe my hands on a towel for a good long time after using it.

So to all of my friends out there in interwebland, is there a lotion that you use and recommend? A lotion designed for a guy or neutral enough to allow me to deal with it?



Devlynda Marie said...

If you know a nurse, I would ask him/her what he/she uses. My friend Turbo had the best lotion because her hands would get chapped from the hospital all day, and it couldn't have *any* scent in it due to others' sensitivities. Unfortunately, I don't remember what that lotion was... but I would assume anyone who works closely with patients in a hospital would have good ideas.

Kari said...

I know it has a girly name, but "Keri" brand makes some good, effective, completely unscented varieties. Plus they're cheap and you can find them at your local Rite-Aid/Fred Meyer/Walgreens etc.

And NO, I am not recommending this due to it having my name. :P

Anonymous said...

What's this about a bucket? It puts the lotion on its skin!

Oh, and put the dog in the basket while you're at it.


Anonymous said...

Oh, and one other thing, my friend. Now that your new look is the spitting image of Drew Carey, does this mean you have a deep-seated desire to be a Sounders fan? Ha!


Bruce said...

I have lots of deep seated desires. But that is certainly not one of them.

Do a google search for 'Silence - The musical' there should be a site still up with portions of the soudntrack of the musical production of Silence of the Lambs. S'funny stuff.

Lucas said...

Ultra Glide.

dave said...


E. Alley said...

For your face and forehead, may I suggest Oil Of Olay Active Hydrating Beauty Fluid? Now, before you dismiss it out-of-hand as being too feminine, I would like to share that I use it daily. It works well, doesn't leave my face feeling greasy and has a pleasant enough odor (kinda like roses) that dissappears relatively quickly. I just think of it as the smell of my face not cracking and falling off. Additionally, having used other better but more expensive and manlier face moisturizers (i.e. that say 'pour le homme' on the bottle), the Oil Of Olay rates very highly for me in the bang-for-your-buck category.
As for the hands, I think devlynda marie probably has the best suggestion.

To your health!

E. Alley said...

I forgot to mention that I believe the Oil Of Olay has an unscented variety as well.

Oil Of Olay, ole!

Anonymous said...

FWIW, the day you post a question about depillatories is the day you can start walking past me without saying hello....

Dr. Bickle

Eric Berg said...

Aloe Vera. A little dab will do ya a few times a day. It's pretty inexpensive at Trader Joes.

Also, keep hydrated.

william said...

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