Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Full Moon at Sunset

Last night as I was leaving IKEA (ugh!) the sun was setting in the west and a full moon was rising in the east. The day had been cold, crisp and clear. It was a stunning mix of colors and awe.

This morning on my way to work, driving the sunset freeway toward the west the same full moon (I’m pretty sure it’s the same one) was framed by the arches of the west hills of Portland. Another gorgeous sight.

I should’ve had my camera with me.



Devlynda Marie said...

I was surprised yesterday morning when I walked towards the huge moon across my courtyard on the way to the MAX, and was lucky enough again this morning to do the same. Hurrah for cloudless, full-mooned mornings!

E. Alley said...

The rising moon was indeed a treat last night.

Dude, camera phone! It's always with you.

Whitney said...

I find it amazing how the gutteral, bestial influence of my ancestors raises up in my throat and cause the urge to roar or howl when I see sights like that. It reminds me how much I am truly rooted on this planet. Rawr!!! :)