Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Rule Of Threes

Everyone knows this rule. Good things happen in threes. Bad things happen in threes. Unusual/unexpected things happen in threes.

For example: 1) Plumbing in bathroom sink backs up. Requires effort, plumber or chemicals. 2) Fuel pump on car goes out. Requires replacement and frustration of no car or crappy replacement car. 3) Broken hand. Makes everything difficult.

Or this example: 1) Get an unexpected raise at work. Makes the days go by easier. 2) Meet a fantastic guy/girl and start a new exciting relationship. Makes everything seem better. 3) Your brother/sister introduces you to a new niece or nephew. Instant heart melting goodness.

I’m in a period here where I’ve had two of the unusual happen and I’m curious to know what the third will be. Here goes:

I recently ran into an ex-girlfriend at a Portland pub. “Laura” and I knew each other for about five years before we started dating. She was a great, fun, spirited woman and we had fun together. It couldn’t last for lots of reasons but certainly not because we didn’t like nor care for each other. In other words, it didn’t end badly. She’s since gotten married and moved away which made running into her in Portland that much more unusual.

Just the other night I got an email from Facebook that I had a friend invitation from “Joy”. Now Joy and I had dated back when we were in our college years. Nineteen years ago. It had been sixteen since we’d seen each other and probably twelve since I’d heard any concrete details about her life. She’s got a full family from what I know but I’m still waiting for the more complete get caught up emails. I hope they happen. She’s another great, fun woman who I think fondly of from time to time.

So. Which of my exes is next to pop out of the woodwork or the interweb tubes and challenge my delicate sensibilities?

Will it be:

“Alex” a college girlfriend?
“Betty” another college girlfriend?
“Donna” THE college girlfriend who shook up my life more than I cared for or was even prepared for?
“Nelly” My post-college LA girlfriend?
“Daria” the most mesmerizing yet perplexing woman I’ve ever known?
“Francine” after we dated she remained a good friend who has since disappeared. Where are you?
“Wanda” the girlfriend who gave me ex-girlfriend pasta?

So, I am left to wonder. Anyone want to make a prediction?



Dave said...

Are those their real names? If so I pick Francine. That's a cool name.

Bruce said...

The names have been changed to protect some form of anonymity.

Anonymous said...

Bruce- I get sucked into your blog.. it's so fun..I love to hear your stories.. it's seriously fun.. it's almost like a reality tv show! Good times.. knuckle up. shanmack

Bruce said...

Shannon - I'm so glad you're enjoying it. Thanks for being one of my favorite people.