Friday, January 11, 2008

A Clean Bill Of Health

Why do they call it a “Bill of Health”? Seems like a weird statement. Illuminate me, dear readers as I am too lazy to Google it.

But, the skinny is that Bruce visited the doc for his annual this morning. No particularly bad news. The following might be too much information for some of you. Personal medical details folks. My Mom will be most interested, though.

I adore my doctor. She tells it to you straight. Gives you simple advice and congratulates you when you make progress. I got all of that today, but it was the congratulations that stuck. She even encouraged me to go snowshoeing tomorrow. How cool is that?

Blood work comes back in a few days. I expect that my not too bad cholesterol will have dropped into the very good cholesterol level. Everything seems to be functioning properly so hopefully the liver and kidney stuff comes back clean too.

I do have an ongoing problem with an abdominal hernia. With my weight loss my doctor can actually get a better idea of how severe it is. She says it’s a decent size but still nothing to worry about. If I want to fix it we’d want me to lose a bit more weight and get some more muscle in the area and then have a simple outpatient procedure. Let me think on this.

It’s time for an eye checkup so that’s now on the list. I do have a prescription for a slight astigmatism in my left eye and a bit of diminished eyesight in the right. But I rarely wear my glasses.

Tetanus is still up to date after slicing my finger in 2001.

Mom, the small mole on my left hairline is nothing to worry about. Neither is the little red spot that you didn’t see. Doc’s good.

Thankfully the more invasive evaluations are six and eleven years away.

Got updated prescription for minor hypertension (getting more minor too!) and minor asthma and encouraged to start a daily dose of vitamins and a baby aspirin. 40 is just around the corner.

My updated insurance card and cafeteria debit card functioned flawlessly. I was nervous about both of them so that is a relief.

My favorite thing that my doctor said to me was “You’re not obese.” I may get a bumper sticker made that says that very thing.



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It's always great to see a friend taking care of their health. I should be a bit more proactive for myself...