Thursday, January 17, 2008

What's On Tap

OK. I've found a few spare minutes in my increasingly busy schedule. Here are some tidbits as we enter this weekend:

1) As you can see from the updated pic to the right, I have lost my beard, got a very close haircut and got some new specs for the peepers. The new me, if you will. Comments?

2) Mall shopping is for other people. I just exhausted myself getting all sorts of Linens N' Things (mostly things, in fact, all things) and Target items in preparation for my father's pending 75th birthday bash. It's going to be a gas, but I'm ready for the preparation to be over. Bring on the party.

3) Timbers tryouts are this weekend. It's at an undisclosed location and not open to the public. Check out The SoccerCityUSA board for speculation on where to go Saturday or Sunday morning if you're trying to crash it. I'll probably spend some of the morning wandering the University of Portland campus. I hear it's lovely this time of year. I'll probably blend in if I wear purple.

4) Speaking of Sunday morning, I've got an interview for the 107 Report with Gavin Wilkinson scheduled for 8am. That's actually an improvement on last season's scheduling, if you can believe it. I won't have tons of time with him but if there are any burning questions that you have, post them in the comments section and if they fit in I'll try to use them.

5) Timbers Army gathering at 7pm Saturday at the Horse Brass. This should be much fun. I'll be toting a bunch of CulturePulp prints for sale and giveaway.



Rachel said...

I'll miss your beard, but since I only see you threeish times a year, I don't think I should really have a say, but I do love your glasses. My roommates hovering over my shoulder agree. Very distinguished, for the new and improved Bruce.

Devlynda Marie said...

Wow, you look like a new man, Obi. I much approve.
I certainly need to get back on the board - had no clue about the HB stuff. Though the household has curbed our going-out funtimes, I think this may have to be something to attend (plus, within walking distance to my apartment!). ^_^

Bruce said...

Rachel and Devlyn, thanks for the kudos. Aprreciated.

Keep 'em coming. I need all the positive karma I can get.

Lucas said...

Sleek, my friend. Very sleek.

Question for Gavin: Can you get me Peter Jackson's autograph?

I jest of course. Please ask him about signing a striker (I'm sure it'll be a blah blah manager-speak answer, and I'm OK with that; but hey we do need a striker). Ask about the possibility of a high-profile friendly in light of our new playing surface (e.g., Everton instead of Coventry, or AC Milan instead of AC Milan Shorties). Also ask him about Peter Jackson's autograph.

Bruce said...

Lucas -

Looks like I can leave the striker question on the table. But high-profile friendlies are definitely on my mind.

Katharine said...

Why is there a picture of uncle stu on your blog-spot profile. that's weird.

E. Alley said...

Definitely dig the specs, my friend. When does your first screenplay go into production? ;)

Bruce said...

Erick - thanks for the positives. Since there's a writer's strike there won't be a screenplay completed until that's over. Pencils down.

Kat - That's funny. I remember when I was in high school/college I got lots of uncle Stu comparisons but haven't gotten one in a LONG time. Not a bad guy to be compared to. Thanks!

Lucas said...

How's that 107 report coming, son? Chop, chop!

Bruce said...

Lucas - I'm sorry to say but my audio from my interview with Gavin crapped out and I lost most of it.

I'm debating whether to publish what I've got and fill in the rest from my notes.

I'll probably just scrap it as it will sound horrible and Gavin didn't tell us anything we didn't already know.