Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Ex-X

OK. So I said this wasn’t going to be all about weight loss on the blog. But you’ll have to indulge me. Things to say. Things to document.

About four years ago I had to make the decision to increase my t-shirt purchases from XL to XXL. I’ve always liked things to be a bit roomy on me. Not sure why. Just like the freedom of movement. Never had a super chiseled upper body anyway, not trying to kid anyone. But to keep things within my comfort level I had to go bigger.

But I have hereby broken up with the XXL. She’s now my Ex-X.

I actually think she’s happy about it. Sure she’d like to be with me forever, but nobody wins in a one-sided relationship. She was keeping me from spending time with the other clothes. I’d allowed her to control too much and this break-up is a good thing. It really is.

So, I’ve gone back to just the XL. I’m a good long ways away from the L, no doubt there. But I’m comfy in an XL again. She doesn’t put too much pressure on me. Lets me move about as I wish. Gives me my space. Plus we have so many more choices now. Nike really never catered to the Ex-X and Adidas is worse. And I’m still not comfortable putting on the Timbers most recent jersey – very form fitting, that one. But more choices are there.

So raise a glass of crisp, clean, cool water to the Ex-X. May she never see the inside of my closet again.

P.S. Anyone need some XXL t-shirts? Lightly used, well cared for.

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