Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Best First Dates

I’ve been in the shallow end of the dating pool for a long time now. Water wings on my arms. Clinging to the walls a bit too afraid of the deeper water.

But, as with many things, I’m about ready to take the risk. Dive in. Sure, the water’s deeper. It may be colder sometimes. But, overall, it’s the place to be for locating the old harmony and fulfillment.

I have had lots of friends declare to me over the past several years that they can’t believe I’m not involved with someone. Statements like this are very complimentary but also very awkward for me. There were/are always reasons for someone taking themselves out of the pool for a period of time.

Mine are many, and I don’t need to share all of them. But, primarily speaking, I wasn’t in a good place to get involved. I wasn’t ready to let anyone beyond the surface of who I am.

I think I’m over that.

So, as I am exploring the possibility of connecting with someone new I’m wondering what to do on a first date in 2008?

I’ve never been a fan of movies for early dates. Movies are enjoyable and all but unless you’re an ass (and who wants to be an ass on the FIRST date) you can’t talk with your date for two hours. And, if the movie sucked, then you’re stuck with discussing something that sucked for the remainder of the evening. Not fun.

Dinner is nice, we all need to eat.

Casual drinks allows for good conversation.

Concerts take on the same conversational issues as a movie, but do carry a high energy quotient and the opportunity to dance and move and groove.

Art walk on First Thursday can be fun but also super crowded.

So, as I contemplate this I offer to you, the readers, a chance to chime in on good and unique date options. Let’s make a list.

Also, if anyone knows a smart woman in a short skirt with a good sense of direction, feel free to send her my way.



Regency Lady said...

Enjoying your interesting posts. As for a list....here is my input on the topic:
*Museum and lunch
*Boat excursion
*Wine Tasting tour
*Willamette Falls lunch and a walk
*a meal first then a movie
*Breakfast then go on a drive to Mt. Hood
*Go to coffee then hang out at the bookstore
*comedy/jazz club
*Have dessert night and invite a group of people over and play boardgames or cards and have them bring "a friend". It's an easy way to meet new people and have fun. This of course also applies to picnics, sports, trips, and parties.

My list could go on and on but I think I should let others add to it.

I believe all these places offer the time to actually talk and get to know the other person while doing something fun. Anyhow, hope these ideas aren't too corny for ya. Take Care and good luck!

Bruce said...

Regency Lady - Thanks for reading and posting. Also thanks for the bounty of great suggestions.

E. Alley said...

Regnecy Lady's got some good ones.
Honestly, though, I would say that anything can be a good idea, so long as it's approached properly.
For example, and to defend the movie, take the hypothetical "her" to an artsy-fartsy movie and wow her with your razor-sharp insights over drinks afterward. Or if it's a crappy movie, you've ample fodder with which to showcase your stunning wit and fantastic sense of humor. Plus, it provides a good starting point for the conversation that will hopefully expand beyond it. A jumping off point as it were.
I personally would do a couple dates with group (I just almost accidentally misspelled that grope) activites. It gives you some comfort in that the pressure isn't completely on you (though more would be transferred to her I suppose) but it would allow her to see you in your element and showcase your personality a bit more without all the pressure that comes from a one-on-one. Do some group things with her friends too. Again, you could showcase your abilities in an entirely foreign element.
I'm not a big fan of eating related activities. All that food makes it hard for me to carry on a conversation. :)