Thursday, February 14, 2008

TV Or Not TV

I did the inaugural edition of my new TV show last night. The show is called Portland Men on Sports (PMS) and is hosted by me and my friend Loren and produced by my friend Derek. The show will air on local cable access soon and we hope to do regular weekly or bi-weekly episodes. However, the first episode may stay in the can while we work out the bugs.

I did a decent amount of radio (years ago) and worked in TV production for several years but this is my first chance to really be on air, even if it’s just cable access. It was a lot of fun and I think it came off surprisingly well. Neither of us froze, stuttering and stammering was kept to a minimum and we stayed mostly on topic.

The show is a cross between Pardon The Interruption and The Sports Reporters. It’s sometimes informative, sometimes funny, not always entirely topical or relevant. It’s mostly our opinions but we hope to add viewer email and may end up doing live broadcasts with phone-in down the line once we find our rhythm.

I’m not sure how I’m finding the time for all of my current pursuits but so far there’s been no burnout. I’m still here writing regularly, I’ve started a routine at the gym, I’ve yet to succumb to a fast food joint, I haven’t missed any work and my social life is slow and steady. Once soccer season starts we’ll see if something has to give. I hope nothing does.

And that thing about the camera adding 10 pounds is a lie. It adds 20 pounds. At least.



Lucas said...

This sounds great, a nice companion to the 107 Report. Looking forward to it!

Bruce said...

I'll try to update here and when our website and email are ready we'll publish those and link on the site. Stay tuned (that's TV talk).