Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Fly, Fly away!

Dave Niehaus has been elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame.
My. Oh My.

I've stayed away from most sports on this blog as I've got other outlets for that but I couldn't pass on this topic. There are three voices that covered sports that influenced me in my not entirely failed attempt to become a radio play-by-play announcer.

Bill Schonely of the Portland Trail Blazers.

Vin Scully of the Brooklyn/Los Angeles Dodgers.

And Dave Niehaus of the Seattle Mariners.

Schonely made me love Trail Blazers basketball. With my very soul.

Scully gave a poetry reading every time he set up a game or a pitching matchup. His grasp of language was unparalleled in the industry.

Niehaus has THE voice. I have fond memories of listening to Mariners games as a kid with my dad and admired his skill at describing the game as well as his boundless enthusiasm for a perennial cellar dweller.

So, Dave Niehaus deserves this honor and I am happy to see him receive it.

My. Oh My.


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