Monday, February 25, 2008

Spring Cleaning

The last weekend in February ended up being absolutely gorgeous weather. While always appreciated, I think I got more accomplished this weekend than even I could’ve hoped for.

I’ve written previously about being a slob. Clutter city. Well, I’m improving. My car has gone two weeks now with no accumulation of clutter. I even chauffeured some friends around on Saturday night in comfort and style. Yay for me!

My bedroom is also on the rise. Yesterday I rearranged the CD and DVD shelves which, in turn, provided two whole vacant bookshelves which meant that some items that had taken up residence on the floor now have a permanent home. It’s the trickle down effect. There is actual square footage to be seen on the floor and the rug.

As I was changing the sheets on my bed I had a spontaneous urge to burn my comforter and start over. Now, I’m no Martha Stewart. Far from. But even I can recognize when something has outlived its usefulness and is no longer fashionable. My comforter is such an item. It’s burgundy with gilded swirly, formal looking fleur de lis type items. It might look regal on someone else’s bed but on mine it looks like an afterthought.

So, I decided that I would update the old bed. I found an inexpensive not-down comforter and a stately seersucker cover for it. It’s white and tan and totally changes the mood of my bedroom. I got some new pillows too as my others had gotten very, very tired.

Living in a house that’s not entirely finished poses some compromises. I still have two windows that don’t have curtains or even curtain rods installed. The bathroom mirror didn’t exist until this weekend. There’s no medicine cabinet or shelves in the bathroom. But, we’re making progress on all fronts. Curtain rods arrived yesterday and we should have the curtains completed soon. The mirror just needs to be measured and hung.

I’ve been patient with all of this as I came in with full knowledge of the house’s condition. It’s a beautiful house. Great features, natural light, etc. My bathroom floor is heated for goodness sake. So, I take the good with the bad. But, I will be very happy when I have curtains and have full privacy and can be shrouded in complete darkness. It will also be nice to shave in front of a full mirror instead of a travel size made for a munchkin.

But even with a bedroom that’s short of perfect I love living in this house and in the city. It has been a tremendous boost for me.

And, last night, in these new covers and with new pillows and with some semblance of peace of mind, I slept awesome. For the first time in a long, long time.


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Whitney said...

Should you want some help with those curtains, I am excellent at sewing straight lines. :) Simply bring me the fabric and measurements.