Saturday, February 16, 2008

Strange Brew Live!

No, it's not the Broadway production of The McKenzie brother's Film - It's Live! blogging from the Hillsdale Brewfest.

The beers are flowing. People are here. It promises to get crowded. I'll update periodically as the day progresses and maybe post some pics too.

So, come on down if you want some special brews and good company.



11:42 am - Our yellow sample trays arrived. A few very tasty brews and a few that I can't drink the entire 3 oz sample let alone an entire pint. Conversation is rotating around the history of IPAs and decent pubs in the area.


12:29 pm - A few more pics to come. The pub is now jam packed with people and conversation. The serving staff consists of the managers of the different McMenamin's around town so there's a great deal of pride and ownership for each of the brewfest beers.

11:00am 02/17/08 Had some technical difficulties onsite and had to stop the live blog. Anyone know who won the belt?


Lucas said...

I'm on my way! Save me a seat! Exclamation point!

John Locke's Moron Cousin said...

I guess I should have eaten first...who would have known that a lot of small beers add up to the same impact of a larger one. Have fun.

steeplechase3k said...

Corey (ArmyBrewer) posed on that he wouldn't know until "next week at the earliest"